Thursday, June 21, 2012

Field Trippin' it Old School, Spokane Style & Project Joy!!

 School's out for summer now, but a couple of weeks ago I went with my third grader's class to downtown Spokane.  He didn't want me to ride the bus with him, but I did.  Carpooling and all of that.  Plus to keep my eye on him.  We started at the Museum of Arts and Culture in the Browne's Addition; from there they took us next door to tour the Campbell House. 
 The Campbell's were one of the early Spokane-self-made-wealthy-families, several recessions/depressions ago, who later donated their home as a museum. 
 Haden was fairly umm, un-interested with the history lesson in the coach house, but I was enthralled.
 These are some of the incredible windows in the Coachmen's House.  I initially thought it was the main house.
 Then we walked next door to the real deal.  The house was built in the age of live in help, a bit of Downtown Abbey in Downtown Spokane.   
 Windows in what one of the kids called "the man cave", which it really was.  The gentlemen would retire to smoke cigars, play poker and have a glass of something not allowed since it was prohibited.
 A sample of the gorgeous wallpaper in the very dark, Gothic entryway.
 A vintage-fabric covered chair cool curved sitting in the man cave.
 Another wallpaper sample in the servants pantry off the man cave.  Love the lighting too!
 In the kitchen, a waffle iron; I sold one exactly this model last fall that I had found at the top of an old farmstead barn!
 Crocks and kitchen tools.
 Beautiful antique stove.  I cannot imagine the heat in the kitchen during the summer! Love the old tiled floors too, and the huge porcelain sinks.  I would not however love the work of that era.
 Just like Downtown Abbey, the bells to alert the servants of which room they were needed.  Another beautiful sample of vintage patterned wallpaper.
 The sewing room in the servants half of the house.  Amazing wire dress form too! There staircases leading all over the house, and a dumbwaiter as well.  The Campbell's were known to be closer to their servants than most; Mr. Campbell's office was even in the servants part of the house.
 Okay, so I forget where this particular bathroom is located and connected to, but i would like it replicated in my home.
 The fireplace located in the family's rather grand "living room"...
 where Mr & Mrs Campbell and their only daughter would spend their evenings reading, doing needlework (maybe not Mr. on this one), and playing games.  I also have this game in my living room, just for decoration.
 Gorgeous valance in the ladies gold-plated parlour near the front door. 
 My little cutie and his class at the front entrance to the home.  We also took a walking tour of the Browne's Addition homes which has a bevy of architectural styles.
 After lunch we rode the bus to the Greenwood Cemetery.  I know, it sounds like a creepy choice for a third grade trip, but they study Spokane history and their job was to take a scavenger hunt and make name rubbings of the famous Spokane names.
 I'm not a cemetery fan, but I am a major history and story loving girl, so I really found myself drawn in by the different headstones: beautifully carved, small and hidden alike.
 The typography...
 the architecture...
 the inscriptions..
("Her words were kindness, Her deeds were love, Her spirit humbled...She rests above.")
 the heartbreaking realities of the times...
...the kids and adults alike left with more knowledge and a reflective reverence for the past we had walked through that day.
When we were exploring the cemetery my group stumbled on the bench and large plaque dedicated to the founder of Father's Day, Sonora Smart Dodd and her inspiration, her father William Jackson Smart.  I really do love my city and look forward to exploring it more this summer with our boys.

Which leads me to my summer project...Project Joy.
Since this is my first free summer in five years, my husband Mark and I want to really make the most of our stay cation time.  He teaches summer school and we really have about 6 weeks of summer while we are both home.  So we have decided on an ambitious plan to get out and get 'er done. (That part would be the projects that have been on hold for a year and a half since we moved in to our house.)
Here's the (for us ambitious) plan for every week:
House/Yard Project of the Week:
Park/Campground of the Week:
New Recipe of the Week:
And then I will blog about our adventures and what happened, or didn't.  I invite you along on Project Joy...and since I love celebrating, of course I am doing a giveaway for whoever joins me for the whole summer.  Sort of helps me too=).
Happy Summer!!!!
Happy Project Joy~
Hollie Joy

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Things I forgot at Farm Chicks

 I had my morning cup of coffee in my new (awesome-sized) mug this morning while I finally took a look online at people's pictures of The Farm Chicks show this past weekend. I always love seeing all of the smiling faces and hugs caught on camera.
 Then when I took a look at my pictures I realized that I didn't get any of all the people that I loved spending the weekend with, just of my junk the first night.  I apparently was too busy having fun shopping and talking and hugging and being super busy in my booth I guess for it to occur to me to get pics during the show...
 So I'll just have to store up those photo memories in my heart.
 And when I reflect back on The Farm Chicks show 2012 I will remember getting to be at the show with my mom and my friend Christy, back as Joy Harvest...
 remember that I had forgotten how amazing and jaw dropping the booths actually are...
 remember how well all of our junk worked together in our booth, and how we came this close to selling out...
and I will not forget to trust myself and my style.  After all, this ain't my first rodeo. 
 So now I have a whole summer ahead of me, to plant my garden, to tend my home...
 to play games with my boys, my husband and my dog...
 to blog about projects we are going to do this summer...
 and to just sit on porches~family's, friends and my own, and enjoy them. The people. And the summer. And maybe the porches too.
And of course, I will fit in junking because, well, my chalkboard says it all.
Thank you Serena and The Farm Chicks show for helping me remember. And to never forget.