Monday, August 13, 2012

Project Summer Joy:Freedom & Week 3

 To recap my project for the summer (because I must, must have a to-do list) was to do a new Recipe, visit a Park or have a Field Trip and do a House Project each week.  Let's just get right to the food.
Week 3 encompassed a visit from my husband's dad, the boy's Boppa, and the 4th of July.  My mom hosted beautifully for the fourth and this was her inspired dessert; layered shortcake with pie filling, cupcake, strawberries and whip cream.
 I baked my second pie of the summer, blueberry.  So, so, so good.  I'm still saving a piece in the fridge for the right day.  The flags were from Pottery Barn last year on deep clearance off season.  Those are some of my favorite words: deep clearance off season.  And Pottery Barn.  I even managed a star for the flag with my vintage cookie cutter and fragile gluten-free pie dough.
 Our new family tradition when we get home on the fourth, roasting marshmallows and smores in our backyard when we get home.  This year Spokane weather completely to the day followed what we always say: summer weather doesn't begin until the fourth of July.
 My mom had the vets in our extended family gather to be recognized.  Thank you to all veterans.
(l to r) George Eastman, Dwayne Jantz, Shirley & John Goldberger; Vern Holter & Mike Gill.
 Sweet land of liberty.
And yes, I was taking pictures during the prayer.
 I always, always have letdown aka depression after holidays, no matter how big or small, so to make the week after more fun Mark and I decided to have a surprise park picnic.  We went to Linwood Park right on Country Homes Blvd in Spokane, down from Five Mile. 
 We had the park all to ourselves to make some memories.
Some weeks recipes just happen naturally, this was one of them.  I made banana soynutbutter shakes for snack.  You can see the verdict.
 Yea! Our new garden addition.  We had purchased the first section last summer on clearance (there it is again!) at Home Depot for it's size and ease, so bought another section this year (at full price).
 Finn is planting some organic corn, and Haden and Liam each planted crops they liked, Haden tomato plants and Liam cucumber.  One thing I have loved this year is having time and energy to plant my garden at the seasonally correct times, and we have a bountiful garden this to harvest.
I took some time to play with my camera too. I love my pink upgraded camera and the last of the pink peonies in our flower garden.  Now I am hoping my pink laptop will cooperate since Mark helped uninstall and install the right things and I can get back to the things I love online.  However, the computer enforced break has been remarkably good for my soul.  I have found much joy in reading library books, taking walks, swimming with the boys and remembering what summer can be.
May you find your summer joy this week~Hollie jOy


  1. So lovely! And thank you for sharing your summer joy with me!

  2. Love your little one praying...and you snaping some cute photos!
    Happy we got to spend a little summer time with you and your boys.

    Hugs, Glad & Cel