Saturday, October 13, 2012

I miss summer, I love fall...

 I am not a sun girl, not a heat girl.  You will usually find me basking in the shade or in search of ice and air conditioned bliss.  This last summer however, I relearned to love summer.
 It was extrordinary in it's ordinariness.  I had the privelege of getting the chance to just be me.  Mom, wife, friend, sister, daughter, Hollie.
 Week 6 of summer saw us taking our annual day trip to Lake Coeur d' Alene, just east of Spokane in the same named city in Idaho as the lake.  This was the year I decided we do need to rent a cabin with our families on the lake for a week next summer.  I was able to subtract the business from our trip this year (advertising my former antique show) and just keep the pleasure portion.  I came back from this single day at a cold lake with a clear head.
 Occasionally I will get an invite to a girls event and needless to say it is the highlight of my week (month) when said gathering occurs.  Serena Thompson invited some vendors of Farm Chicks to her beautiful home on Greenbluff in Spokane. This was just what the doctor ordered at this point in my mid-summer break.  While loving my boy-centric house, I was hungry to dress up and have a non-Star Wars/Lego/Xbox/sports conversation.
 Woman cannot live on BBQ these incredible desserts were...
 well, if I must say, food for the soul.
 I. love.
 A little champagne with that?
 With a straw please.
 Throw in a bit of junk eye candy...
 A vintage cookbook among it's contemporary cousins...
 and truly sweet people... have a recipe for a perfect summer day for this girl.  Thank you Serena.
 I mentioned peaches and Serena said that Yakima peaches were in at Harvest House, so over the hill my mom and I drove to buy boxes of summer fragrance in a fruit.  We devoured the peaces whole, cut and baked in a pie that week.
 When mom offered to buy me an ice cream cone I jumped at the chance and had a scoop of huckelberry happiness.
 What's summer without a garage sale and a lemonade stand?  None I know in my universe!
What do I miss about summer? Time stretched until you think it going to break, but it stretches just an inch more.  Daylight that lingers into well into night.  That warm smell in the air.  The waves lapping on the sand.  Fresh peaches.  Ice cream as a reason to cool down.  The sound of sprinklers making their way back and forth across the lawn.  Fresh cut grass. 
This second week of October we are seeing our first rain in the area since July.  Leaves are turning our drives around town into a feast for the eyes.  The days are short and the wood smoke is lingering in the air.  Halloween displays are filling porches and I want to get cozy by a fire with my coffee and cozy blanket.  All the time.
To everything there is a season the Book says.  And without one season there is not the next.  Whatever season you are missing, whichever season you are in, may you find joy in the memories, joy in the morning.
Happy Fall~Hollie Joy


  1. I love this Hollie! Very well said! We loved spending girl time at Serena's beautiful home, an abundance of delicious food for lunch,cocktails and conversation in the afternoon, visiting with you and your mom and so many of our vintage world friends, it was a heavenly beautiful summer day.

    P.S. I think it was the only day we got a sitter for the boys, Oh my!!!

    xox Glad & Cel

  2. Thank you Gladys & Celia=) It was a lovely day!