Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Farm Chicks 2012...a shopping primer

 Bring your wallet filled with mad money...
and after you chug your coffee, have your hands free, ready to grab those one of a kind finds.
Bring a basket, a bag, a container, a cart, or a helpful friend or husband, or an extra set of hands.  These can be extremely useful when you find that special item...
 that you clearly cannot leave.
 Many vendors will let you keep your larger finds in their booth with a SOLD tag on them until you can come back on your final sweep (buying spree)...
 just know if you see it and know it needs to be yours, buy it then.  I speak from experience.  I am still kicking myself over not buying a certain sign last year.
 There will be e-ver-y kind of junk goodness you can imagine; industrial, farm, vintage, retro, antique, useful, beautiful, salvage, painted, shabby chic, chippy...
 so be prepared when the doors open and let you in to be amazed, like jaw dropping, omg, no junking way AMAZED...
for this is, after all, the mother of all shows in the Northwest, the one that started it all...
that draws vendors with their goods from far flung places and shoppers from around the country...
the place to find your ,
  to make a play date with your long lost friends
or to grab a bite with a new we-have-so-much-in-common pal.
Whether you elect to come Saturday or Sunday, or both, because really, why wouldn't you? booths will be stocked with fresh junk (our Joy Harvest/Ballyhoo Girl booth included of course!)...
and you will leave with not only a treat or two, but a head full of ideas and a heart full of love.
See you soon! Hollie
with Gail & Christy
Booths 261 & 262 Joy Harvest/Ballyhoo Girl, Bay 2
AND...a giveaway...if you just join my blog this week (through Farm Chicks Sunday evening) you will be entered to win a fun surprise goody bag of junk-the good kind!! You just have to follow my new blog and leave a comment~good luck!!


  1. Whoa!!! Can't you're new blog!!!!

  2. sorry I'll miss your booth -- and all the amazing things I know I would love to buy!!!

    1. I think you would definetly find things!! But you are entered now;)

  3. Really fun, cute posting!! Wish I was closer!

    1. Thanks! I will enter you, but might need more info if you win!=)

  4. Too bad I didn't know of your new blog before! Could have just picked up that prize there!!!! lol! It was so good to see all of you again! Can't wait to hang some laundry on the line and use my new basket!! And I wish I could say I've already started scrapbooking with my new goodies....but I can't.
    Great show as always!

    1. It was really good to see you again, and i picked up a load of goodies too that will sit for awhile;)!!

  5. Awesome weekend at Farm Chicks!! My follow up blog is next..but first, the winner winner chicken dinner of my new blog drawing is.....(pulled randomly by my boys and our dog Rudy) Tiffany, PinkHouse!!!! Woo Hoo!!!