Thursday, May 17, 2012

this little light of mine...

 I'm such a fan of my family.  And while I was beyond blessed to have the adventure of a lifetime growing Funky Junk with Jennifer, I knew it was time to make some changes.  Fork in the road, bittersweet changes.  But it's often the hardest ones that are the ones that must be made.  So I gathered my courage and stepped down from doing something I loved to be with and more available for the bigger picture. 
And being able to spend the past few weeks with my loved ones as my biggest project has been filling my bucket back up. 
  In this time, we've also had three birthdays (my youngest sister Angela, my mom Gail and my middle sister Heidi) the past three Sundays. Heidi had to share her birthday with Mother's Day, so she threw her birthday party on Saturday.  That's her holding one of her amazing birthday presents.  That is also my husband trying to get out of the picture.  No photo editing here, this is real life baby.=)
Heidi lit the way with pretty glasses she fashioned into garden lanterns...
Perfumed her home with fresh cut lilacs displayed in vintage jars...
Made retro plastic doily coasters useful again by holding lovely drinks...
 And provided visual eye candy in simply elegant ways.
 I brought her a hostess gift of an antique bottle (found junking of course) filled with flowers from my flower garden (another of my new projects this year)... 
 The beautiful birthday girl celebrated with her tall Martha Stewart candles and her traditional and amazing vegan chocolate cake by Allison. (Who is opening a bakery on Main in Spokane, down from Roost soon.)
 And as a gift, Heidi requested that we each bring an act of kindness. It reminded all of us that there are many gifts that which may seem small, (laughter for one) but which often save the day. 
While I'm re-learning what it means to be a more full-time stay at home mom, more part-time work at home mom, adjusting and balancing what that means for me and my family...
 I am so blessed to have these women among my friends to walk with me.
 And so super thankful to have these three reasons to get to do what I do.
Whatever it is you do...let your light shine bright. 
Thank you Heidi for reminding us...


  1. So happy to see you blogging again, and so in Love with the name of your new blog's so you! I Love your sweet family, thank you for sharing all your special days with us!!
    We have been so busy, haven't had a chance to blog about life or any thing else! Summer is on it's then I'll have time...right???
    Huge Hugs, Glad & Cel

  2. Yes - Love your blogs and thank you for your words :) love you! Heidi

  3. I love the Candles on that cake!!! This is a beautiful blog, and a heart warming post! Thank you for the sweet wards. Looking forward to what you write next! Love, Jennifer