Thursday, January 31, 2013

Goodbye, January.

 I searched high and low after Christmas for the perfect art calendar for the chalkboard frame in my bedroom,  and then my sister pointed out this Mara Mia desk calendar at Target.  I had purchased the Mara Mia red wood grain candle with the spot on tree scent, in addition to receiving it for a gift, as well as many of the other amazing red and white pieces in the collection.  So, "it" had been under my nose the whole time.  And it is perfect.
 So before I flip the page of my calendar, I soaked in the last day of the first month of the year.  I love me my winter whites.  This sweater mug has warmed me thru several winters, this year I added the adorable Fred Flare Matroyska measuring spoon set, to make adding my honey that much sweeter.
 Oh, who is this adorable snowman?!  Wearing another adorable buy found at Target by Auntie.
It felt like a day to bake muffins for my little muffins, so I painstakingly followed my Moist Banana Muffins recipe, warmly thinking about how happy my boys would be to come home to melted soy margarine gooey goodness.  That would have been sweet, but instead, the middle child said he didn't want so much!! and the oldest said they were crumbly, and his throat was dry so he didn't want it.  Sometimes, the scenes I imagine in my mind are much more rewarding.
 Here is me all dressed up with my burn wrap.  Mark found me some pink non-stick wrap at Big R.  It's really for horses, but you can't beat pink.  This was during the Pro-Bowl Sunday and I was really needing something sparkly and girly, so I decided to paint my nails.  And yes, I know my roots are really visible.  I am having a much overdo cut and color tomorrow.  Oh, am I in need of some pretty after two weeks of pretty ugly. 
Here is the polish, given to me on my birthday from my sister, with a reminder to stay sparkly.  Will do!  Most months I feel a twinge at leaving it behind, not so with January.  I have no problem breaking up, moving on and happily waving farewell. 
Happy February, and stay sparkly!
~Hollie Joy


  1. I missed that you had been injured, Hollie! I hope that you are healing okay...I can see where you might be glad to have January behind you! Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Thank YOU for visiting Linda! My bacon grease burn is almost glad its a new month:)!

  2. Awesome - and hilarious :) oh - real-life!

  3. Love the little snowman! Such a doll!!! So happy you are feeling better, hope to see you soon.

    xox Glad & Celia

    1. Thank you Gladys...we all quite adore Hudson! Hope to see you soon too=)