Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Junk Love.

This Saturday, I had to get out.  Having been sick and nursing a bacon grease burn on my arm had meant two weeks too long at home. I had rescheduled my haircut and added an overdue color to it, saved up some errands and planned to meet my sisters out and about.  Part of the day included some unexpected thrifting and junking, so let's take a peek at my junk booty, shall we?
 Technically, I found this two months ago at the Two Women Vintage Goods store in Spokane.  My plans to get to that amazing shop and purchase my sweet German litho tin pencil sharpener kept getting thwarted.  Much to my surprise, my mom picked it up for me this week and gave it as a hostess gift on Super Bowl Sunday.  Thank you Mom! If this is what I get for hosting, I am so in next year!  I love my little globe. 
 Out last week, my sister spotted a thrift store she wanted to visit, so I happily accompanied her.  I think we have a new favorite!  We asked about a couple of things, and the manager brought us some spectacular pieces from the back!  Heidi picked up some vintage religious pieces she'd been searching for and I picked up a super cute pair of Bandolini kitten heels as well as this curvy piece...
 and it's scalloped friend.  Love vintage silver.
 When my four year old wanted to play this game today, we found that we only have the plain blue square letters and a board for a completely different game.  I still love the box and the letters and the board is actually another retro board, so I still got quite a steal for $1.
 The coolest thing we came across was a new (to us) vintage store in town.  My sister took home an incredible locker basket set and I brought home this vintage German clock.  It has everything beautiful going for it.  I am currently plotting a way to get back to that store asap.
 After my last post with the picture of my silver overgrown hairdo I had to include a pic of my new cut and color.  Thank you Naomi for making me feel pulled together again!!  My eyes have a bit of a crazy look in them, perhaps because I am once again stuck at home, this time with a sick first grader.
Well, since I am home bound again, thankfully when I went to JoAnn Fabrics yesterday, I had the foresight to purchase a few magazines.  This is now my new favorite!  It even came with the cute card set.  I love that British magazines include prizes with your purchase! 
I'm so grateful I was able to have a girly day in between sick and chore filled weeks. I hope you are able to take some time and find some pretty of your own this week!  Until next time...
~Hollie Joy 


  1. Such fabulous finds - loved it!!

  2. Get well soon my friend! Love your silver finds, I've been mixing a little silver with white ironstone, love the contrast!

    Celia and I would love to get together soon!! Let's make some plans!!

    xoxo Glad & Cel

  3. I just got a bunch of silver at the thrift store and polished it all yesterday. Using it for some Valentine displays, but really got it for my daughter's upcoming wedding. Fun to find those treasures!
    Would you mind sharing the name of the stores that you found? I'm always looking for something fun like that when I come to Spokane and I need to head over there soon. New great nephew!!!!
    Hope you feel better soon!

  4. LOVE you new hair!! Cute, cute. xxooo

  5. Don't you just love those cards included in Mollie Makes?? I've already used two of them and sometimes think I might buy the magazine again just to get more!!LOL Your finds are fabulous as well as that cute cut of yours, pretty lady! Do take care of yourself. I know the healing process has been long but it's needed so that you can get back to perfect!!